The possibility of Digital Temperature Controller

The possibility of Digital Temperature Controller

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See what our customers are doing with these Digital Temperature Controller



Tennisdrum says that:

"I’m using these in my greenhouse. I’m in north Texas where the last several weeks have been sunny and 50’s and 60’s during the day and then dropping into the 20’s and 30’s at night. Those sunbelt days mean it easily gets to over 90 in the greenhouse without ventilation running. I have heaters and vent fans plugged into these and need them both to work at different times during each day. The controllers definitely control which device runs based on the temperature settings. The electric cord is long enough to allow flexibility on location, and then the temperature sensor cord is probably 4 long providing even more flexibility on location."




Peter Brown says that:

"Works well and is helpful in automatically starting a fan when it gets to hot and stops it when temps are decent…."


Mrs.Fish says that:

Love that it saves me time and energy to see if it is still hot and need to turn the fan off or on for my outdoor pets. Saves me on electricity also since before I would turn on every morning and off every night regardless the temp.




JSMITH says that: 

I use this with an indoor grow tent that I use to contain 3d printing fumes. The resin needs to be kept at a certain temperature and the tent is in my basement so this allows me to control a very tiny space heater to keep the tent warm. Works great and is very easy to use.




SusieQ says that:

The BN-LINK Digital, 2-Stage Outlet Thermostat Controller for Heating and Cooling is extremely versatile in its uses. It’s for any application in which you need to control hot/cold temperature settings to a specific level. It’s a great way to have portable temperature control without the need for a hard-wired thermostat.

We didn’t order the WiFi version, only digital, so I can’t speak to the functionality of the app.

As for the temperature controller function, it is working great so far. We use it to keep seedlings going in a greenhouse tent. The seedlings, during germination and growth, need to be maintained between set temps. The tent is inside so not subjected to outdoor temperature extremes. We have connected a heater and a fan for the cooling unit. So far the unit is switching between heat and cool appropriately to within 1 degrees of set temp. I wouldn’t call my setup an extreme test of the unit’s abilities since the tent is not exposed to more harsh temperature.

The plug has a port specific to heat and a port specific to cool. There’s also an LED for heat and an LED for cool so you know which function is running at any given time. Of note: only the probe is waterproof; the unit is not. Care has to be taken to keep moisture out of the unit and the ports. So if you have misters, protect this temperature controller from the mist. Power failure doesn’t affect your settings. So, you don’t have to reenter settings every time you have a power failure. There’s a high temperature alarm which I haven’t needed or experienced yet because the climate is more controlled for its current use.

The instructions… detailed, but wow. If you haven’t ever used one of these devices before, you’re going to feel like you need to be a rocket scientist to decipher this. Stick with it, the device is worth it. Basically, following along the best you can and playing with the settings, with your heat and cool units connected, you’ll get it where you need it.

The true test will be when I get it going in the big greenhouse (not yet built as I just bought the actual house I’m living in).

So far, I’m pleased with the temperature controller and its functions. I’m happy with the digital version as opposed to the WiFi version but can see where the WiFi version will be way more handy in a bigger application setting. I find the price ($29.75 for digital at the time of my order) to be cheap compared to the more expensive and less functional units I have purchased in the last couple of years which provided only heat or temperature sensing.





Frankie,j says that:

I don't write many reviews but this controller works and folks need to know that. I run a radiator heater on the heat side and a fan on the cooling side. This thing works like a champ cuts heat off when its set to and turns fan on when it is supposed to. Heavy duty and safe. You have to appreciate when something actually works like it is supposed to.