Smart Pet Feeders-be a responsible pet parent

Smart Pet Feeders-be a responsible pet parent

 Need to leave your pet at home alone? If they don’t go hungry, they’ll probably stuff themselves with food if you leave a hill-like portion for them to munch on. Good thing this smart pet feeder lets you control the feed portions.




Otherwise,feeding schedules can still work even the Smart Automatic Cat Feeder lost connection to the Wi-Fi. The backup battery design prevents power outage and ensures operation for up to several days. You don' t have to worry about your pet staying hungry during a power outage.



With HBN Smart app, you can program exactly at what time a certain amount of food is given (in portions of approximately 10 grams), or manually feed your pets remotely. Your cat or dog will always be fed on time, even when you come home late. No need to ask your neighbors to feed your pets when you are away for the weekend.



You can also record a voice message. (e.g. Here, Coco! Come and eat, good girl!) Let your pet know that you are by its side and will not be sad because of your leaving.



For those of us who are away from home throughout the day or travel frequently, it’s important to know that our pets are safe, secure – and fed! After all, our dogs and cats are quite often our own fur babies, so we are committed to keeping them protected 24/7, 365.