Upgrade Your Home with BN-LINK Wireless Remote Outlets for Hassle-Free Control

Upgrade Your Home with BN-LINK Wireless Remote Outlets for Hassle-Free Control

At BN-LINK, we want to make it easy for you to operate all of your home appliances with our cutting-edge solutions. Effortlessly enhance your living space with our Wireless Remote Outlets, which provide uninterrupted performance, expandability, and easier maintenance. Discover the ease and adaptability of BN-LINK as it changes your everyday life.


Uninterrupted Performance: Experience Strong Signal Transmission with BN-LINK

Enjoy seamless connectivity throughout your home with BN-LINK Wireless Remote Outlets. Our advanced RF technology penetrates doors and walls effortlessly, ensuring uninterrupted signal transmission. No more limitations on where you can control your devices. With an extended coverage range of up to 100 ft in clear line of sight, you can operate your appliances from anywhere within your living space. Plus, rest assured that our outlets operate harmoniously without interfering with other electronic devices, providing a reliable and interference-free experience.


Expand Your Control System: Achieve Flexibility and Scalability with BN-LINK

BN-LINK offers unparalleled flexibility and scalability for your home automation needs. Our Wireless Remote Outlets make frequency compatibility easy, allowing you to sync remote outlets regardless of differences. This means you can expand your system and control multiple outlets seamlessly. Take advantage of our Century Remote Control Outlet Kits to enhance your system even further. With limitless expansion options, you can customize your home automation setup by incorporating additional outlets to suit your specific requirements. From lights to charging devices, our versatile applications ensure compatibility with a wide range of appliances.


Simplify Your Daily Routine: Effortlessly Manage Household Appliances with BN-LINK

Say goodbye to the complexities of managing your household appliances. BN-LINK Wireless Remote Outlets offer simple and convenient control for your daily routine. With the included remote control, you can seamlessly turn devices on and off with just a press of a button. No more manually switching appliances or dealing with multiple switches. Additionally, our outlet-based control feature allows you to operate your appliances directly from the wireless outlets themselves, providing easy access and control at your fingertips. Whether it's lights, air conditioners, audio systems, or more, our wireless outlets are compatible with a wide range of devices, making your life easier and more efficient.



Upgrade your home with BN-LINK Wireless Remote Outlets and enjoy hassle-free control of your household appliances. Experience uninterrupted performance with strong signal transmission that penetrates doors and walls effortlessly. Expand your control system with ease, thanks to the flexibility and scalability offered by BN-LINK. Simplify your daily routine by effortlessly managing your appliances through the convenience of remote control and outlet-based operation. Embrace the power of our wireless outlet in transforming your home into a smart and efficient living space.