Transform Your Outdoor Lighting with BN-LINK Waterproof Photocell Light Timer

Welcome to BN-LINK, where we offer innovative solutions to enhance your outdoor lighting experience. Our Waterproof Photocell Light Timer combines space-saving design, convenient remote control, and user-friendly operation to optimize your power outlet usage and effortlessly manage your outdoor lights. Upgrade your outdoor lighting with BN-LINK and enjoy hassle-free control and energy efficiency.


Space-Saving and Durable Design: Optimize Your Power Outlet Usage

Make the most of your power outlets with BN-LINK's space-saving and durable design. The efficient flat plug is perfect for congested power outlets, maximizing space and allowing you to connect other devices without obstruction. Additionally, the robust casing ensures long-lasting durability, offering resistance against sun and water damage. For optimal protection, mount the timer switch for outdoor lights vertically at least 2ft above the ground to take advantage of its waterproof performance.


Convenient Remote Control: Effortlessly Manage Your Outdoor Lights

Experience the convenience of remote control with BN-LINK's Waterproof Photocell Light Timer. The timer switch for outdoor lights features a robust RF signal that can penetrate walls and doors, reaching up to 100ft in direct line of sight. This extended reach allows you to control your outdoor lights from anywhere within its range. Plus, all three grounded outlets operate simultaneously, providing simultaneous functionality for multiple lights or devices. With a 6-inch cord, the weatherproof device offers flexibility for easy placement, ensuring convenient outdoor use.


User-Friendly Operation: Effortlessly Customize Your Lighting Schedule

Customize your lighting schedule with ease using BN-LINK's user-friendly Waterproof Photocell Light Timer. The intuitive dial adjustment allows you to easily select your preferred operating duration, enabling you to set the timing that suits your needs. This not only provides convenience but also helps conserve energy and reduce electricity costs. With the convenient on/off functionality, you can effortlessly control your exterior lighting, enhancing the ambiance and security of your outdoor spaces.



Enjoy optimal power outlet utilization, convenient remote control, and user-friendly operation with the Waterproof Photocell Light Timer from BN-LINK, an upgrade for your outdoor lighting. With its sturdy build and space-saving design, this power outlet cover is perfect for keeping out the sun and water. With the three grounded outlets and the long reach of the remote, controlling your exterior timer lights has never been easier. Encourage energy saving and lower your electricity bills by tailoring your lighting schedule with the easy-to-use dial adjustment. Transform your outdoor lighting with BN-LINK and enjoy the ease and efficiency of a safe and inviting space.