Seedling Heat Mat 3" x 20" with Heating Thermostat Outlet Controller BN-LINK


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  •  EFFORTLESS HEATING SETUP: Simply set the temperature probe, plug-in the controller, and use the large 3-button interface to choose your desired temperature setting. Digital display supports units in both Fahrenheit and Celsius. Note: the controller is designed to have a 2-3 degree buffering zone before powering on again after reaching the set temperature.
  •  EASE OF MIND: Handy LED heating and power indicator lights to allow you to see the controller’s status even in total darkness. The controller features a convenient hanging tab and a bright, easy-to-read display inside a tough plastic housing.
  •  RUGGED CONSTRUCTION: The cord for the temperature probe and grounded 3-prong plug measure an extended 6 feet in length, designed to suit almost any application you can imagine.
  • CONSISTENT HEATING: The BN-Link Durable Seedling Hydroponic Heating Pad provides consistent, uniform heating at temperatures around 68°F to 86°F (20°F to 30°F), which are the perfect temperatures for seed starting and cutting propagation.
  • DURABLE AND FLEXIBLE: Not only is the BN-Link Durable Seedling Hydroponic Heating Pad built to last with its durable, water-resistant material, the Heating Mat also remains elastic and flexible. Perfect for most conditions indoors/outdoors. Each unit comes with BN-Link’s strong 15-month warranty.
  • NICE AND TOASTY FOR YOUR PLANTS: The protective film on the heating mat ensures that the roots of your plants are warm, but never scorched.
  • ENERGY EFFICIENT AND SPACE-SAVING: The BN-Link Durable Seedling Hydroponic Heating Pad is both compact and packs a punch. The 3" x 20" size of the mat is perfect for small, tight spaces such as countertops and windowsills. The heating film and insulation allows the mat to reach the desired temperatures within minutes yet only uses 6.5 Watts to help you save on electricity costs.

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