Pet Heating Pad Electric Indoor Waterproof for Reptiles, 6" x 8" inch BN-LINK


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  • GREAT UTILITY: The BN-Link Electric Indoor Waterproof Heating Mat for Pets isn’t just great for keeping your furry or scaly buddy cozy. You can use this mat for a wide array of things such as plant growth and flower seed germination, spring seedling starts and cutting propagation. With all the different uses this mat has, this mat is a must-have for indoor gardening or pet owning!
  • ENERGY EFFICIENT AND SPACE-SAVING: The BN-Link Electric Indoor Waterproof Heating Mat for Pets is both compact and packs a punch. The heating film and insulation allows the mat to reach the desired temperatures within minutes yet only uses 4 Watts to help you save on electricity costs.
  • EASY SETUP: Nothing difficult or convoluted here! All you gotta do is pull it out of the box, pull the adhesive on the back off, and stick it wherever you want.
  • DURABLE AND FLEXIBLE: Not only is the BN-Link Electric Indoor Waterproof Heating Mat for Pets built to last with its durable, water-resistant material, the Heating Mat also remains elastic and flexible. Perfect for most conditions indoors/outdoors. Each unit comes with BN-Link’s strong 15-month warranty.
  • NICE AND TOASTY FOR YOUR PLANTS OR PETS: The protective film on the heating mat ensures that, whether it's the roots of your plants or the belly of your beloved pets, it is nice and warm, but never scorched.

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