Adjustable Temperature Waterproof Reptile Heating Pad 8" X 12" BN-LINK - BN-LINK


Adjustable Temperature Waterproof Reptile Heating Pad 8" X 12" BN-LINK

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Size:8" X 12"

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  • GREAT UTILITY: The BN-LINK Heating Pad for Reptiles is great for keeping your reptile tank warm, but never scorched. It’s also great for amphibians, small animals, or plant terrariums.
  • ENERGY EFFICIENT AND SPACE-SAVING: The BN-LINK Heating Pad is both compact and packs a punch. The heating wire and insulation allow the mat to reach the desired temperatures within minutes yet only use 16 Watts to help you save on electricity costs.
  • EASY SETUP: It is suitable for any glass terrarium and all you gotta do is pull it out of the box, pull the adhesive on the backoff, and stick it wherever you want. It has a strong adhesive grip and is waterproof for easy cleaning. Rotate the knob to adjust the temperature between 104℉ and 122℉.
  • DURABLE AND FLEXIBLE: Not only is the BN-LINK Under Tank Heater built to last with its durable, water-resistant material, but the Under Tank Heater also remains elastic and flexible.
  • MADE FOR REPTILES: Voltage: 120 volts, Power: 16 watts. The 8" x 12" model is perfect for a 10 -20 gallon terrarium and it can easily put out steady heat between 104℉ and 122℉. Each unit comes with BN-LINK’s strong 15-month warranty.

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Users Also Asked

What animals can use the BN-LINK Reptile Heating Pad?
The heating pad is suitable for reptiles like turtles, lizards, and frogs, as well as small animals and terrarium plants.
How easy is it to install the BN-LINK Reptile Heating Pad?
Simply peel off the adhesive backing and stick it to any glass terrarium surface. It's waterproof and easy to clean.
What temperature range does the BN-LINK Reptile Heating Pad provide?
You can adjust it from 104℉ to 122℉ using the knob, ensuring a comfortable environment for your pets.