Q from Annie: 

I have a room without any ceiling lights or lamps, and it's too dark.

I want to add 3+ lamps.

I want to be able to turn on all of the lamps from wall switches at the doorway.

What do you recommend? Thanks.


A from Bn-link:

Hi, we are so glad that you choose to try smart home solutions from Bn-link!

Our in-wall remote switch will cover all your needs. Simply plug and play, or sync up the outlets to suit your needs. Worried about the siginal? Of course not! It can function as far as 100 ft in line of sight.

If you are also interested in voice control like Google Assistant/Alexa, you can also try our WiFi Smart in-Wall Light Timer Switch wherever you are and whenever you want. No need to worry forgetting to turn off your lights when you are hurry to work, much more energy and money saving!

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