What's Your Best Yard Activity? Summer Time I

Are you tired of hearing the same old chorus of “I’m bored” from your kids? The long-awaited season of sun-kissed days and warm evenings has arrived, and it's time to make the most of your outdoor yard oasis! Get ready to embrace the magic of summer as we take you on a journey through the ultimate outdoor yard activities.

1. Water Balloon Games

For good old-fashioned outdoor fun in the summertime, break out the water balloons and make an afternoon of fun out of them. You can do a simple water balloon toss, have a raucous water balloon fight, or get your anger out doing a balloon stomp. You can even play water balloon piñata!

2. Give Your Toys A Bath

Gather up your child’s favorite toys (or any household items that need a scrub), and fill a bucket with soapy water. Show them how to clean and dry the toys. You could also do this with your outdoor balls and toys that have been gathering dirt all winter.

3. Obstacle Course Race

An outdoor obstacle course is a fun way for kids to challenge themselves physically and mentally. Obstacles can include things like cones to weave in and out of, a balance beam, small stools, hula hoops, a crawl tunnel, a jump rope to jump over, a small wall to climb over, and a maze to navigate through. You can get creative and use household items or playground equipment to create the obstacles.

4. Bug Hunt

For a fun way to learn about wildlife, grab a mason jar and a magnifying glass and head outside to find some bugs! Guide the bug into the mason jar and add some grass and twigs. Use your magnifying glass to watch what it does and how it moves. It’s extra fun to do this at night to catch some lightning bugs.

5. Outdoor Movie Night

This summer, let Bn-link be your ultimate outdoor yard companion, elevating your activities to new heights of excitement and wonder. Embrace the magic of summer, share laughter with friends and family, and make your outdoor yard a sanctuary of joy!