Tips for Keeping Your Pets Comfortable During the Summer & Winter

Tips for Keeping Your Pets Comfortable During the Summer & Winter

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What is the Right Temperature for Pets?

During summer, you should keep your house between 75 and 80 degrees – the approximate comfort levels for pets. In the winter, the ideal temperature for your pets is between 68 and 72 degrees.

How Pets Are Impacted By Heat & Cold

First of all, we should acknowledge that domesticated animals are no longer like their ancestors or their relative species which have/had immense survival skills. Therefore, we cannot argue that pets should be able to withstand extreme temperatures just because their ancestors did.

Next, it’s worth noting that animals, dogs and cats in particular, have their own way of regulating body temperature, and it’s called panting. However, when situated in hot and humid places, this technique becomes less effective.

Finally, certain factors or animals characteristics can help you determine whether your pet needs an HVAC or not:

  • Health condition – animals that are overweight or those that have lung complications are more vulnerable to extreme temperatures.
  • Breed – panting tends to work less for animals with short muzzles, such bulldogs, Persian cats and pugs.
  • Fur length and texture – animals with longer and thicker fur tend to be more susceptible to heat-related complications; they, however, are able to deal with extreme cold temperatures better.
  • Behavior – during summer, if you observe that funny friend likes to hang around the air conditioning vent then it may be more comfortable in a cool condition. But, if it likes to stay by the window where there’s sunlight, it may not mind if you give your AC a rest while you’re away. Watch out for the reverse during winter – if it tends to hang by the furnace, it may prefer a warmer environment.

How to Keep Your Pets Comfortable When You Leave the House

Some experts would advise homeowners not to completely shut off their HVAC systems when they leave home, but instead, simply raise the thermostat level. This will not only keep your pets comfortable but save energy and be more cost-effective. Why is that? They say that the energy consumed when the homeowner leaves the system on while he’s away is greatly outweighed by the energy it takes for it to heat/cool the entire room or house all over again after shutting it down and turning it back on. 

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