The Beginner Manual Guide for Outdoor WiFi Outlets

The Beginner Manual Guide for Outdoor WiFi Outlets

A study found that 82% of homeowners want smart technology in their outdoor living areas, spurring demand for outdoor WiFi outlets. These outlets provide flawless communication and management in outdoor areas. It highlights the rising demand for tech-enhanced outdoor living.

Outdoor WiFi outlets provide simplicity and adaptability for homeowners to power outdoor lights and appliances. This technology optimises energy utilisation and allows remote outdoor element management. It shows the practical perks of smart solutions in outdoor settings.

Difference from Traditional Outdoor Outlets

WiFi outlets allow users to control and track outdoor electrical devices via a smartphone app or voice command through smart home systems, including Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant. It alludes to a major upgrade from traditional outdoor outlets.

Unlike the common outlets, outdoor WiFi outlets have scheduling, energy monitoring, and weather integration to adjust operations based on environmental conditions. Schedules may turn landscape lights, seasonal decorations, and pool pumps on or off to save energy and increase accessibility. These smart outlets are weatherproof and covered against dust, rain, and snow. It provides long-term dependability.

These outlets offer firmware upgrades over the air for better performance and security over time. Some versions include many outlets that may be operated separately, rendering device management easier. That is to say, outdoor WiFi outlets provide a tech-sophisticated solution for outdoor electrical demands, which combines remote control and smart home connectivity with durability.

Outdoor WiFi Outlets Provided By BN-LINK

BN-LINK provides outdoor smart plugs with modern amenities for contemporary outdoor living. We offer outdoor WiFi outlets of different outlets. They can be controlled remotely via our app, voice assistant interoperability, and lighting equipment dimming control.

Here offers a table for a more comprehensive preview of some of the Outdoor WiFi Outlets we provide:










Voice Control Compatibility

Works with Alexa

Compatible with Alexa and Google Home Assistant



Remote Control


Yes, with countdown timer feature

Yes, with smart schedules

Yes, up to 8 on/off programs

Yes, various timer choices

Number of Outlets

3 outlets

2 grounded outlets

2 grounded outlets, controlled together

6 outlets


125V AC, 60Hz,  15A/1875W Resistive,  10A/1250W 

1875W Resistive / 15A, 625W Tungsten / 5A, 1/2 HP

125V, 60 Hz, 15A/1875W Resistive, 8A/1000W Tungsten

125V, 60HZ, 15A/1875W Resistive, 10A/1250W Tungsten, 10A/1250W Ballast, 1/2 HP, TV-5

Weather Resistance


Weather-resistant and IP44 rated

Waterproof construction

Yes, with individual safety covers

Power Usage Tracking





ETL Listed

ETL certified




15-month warranty

15-month warranty

15-month warranty

15-month warranty

Additional Features

Power usage tracking

voice commands

Individual control

IP44 rating

Random Vacation mode

Daylight Savings mode

Rain-proof mechanical timer


It proves our devotion to flexible, user-friendly solutions. We propose our outdoor WiFi outlets for those wanting to add smart technology to their outside settings since each product offers dependability, simplicity of use, and refined capabilities.


How To Install And Set Up The BN-LINK Outdoor WiFi Outlet?

1. Preparing for Installation

We recommend using a 2.4GHz band for your WiFi network before setting up your BN-LINK Outdoor WiFi Outlet to guarantee stability and range outside. Furthermore, make sure the installation place has enough WiFi signal to avert connection troubles. The installation and functionality of outdoor WiFi outlets count on this first step.

2. Installing the Device Physically

First of all, choose a rain-free spot within the WiFi range. Our waterproof smart plugs can survive outside environments. Nevertheless, avoiding direct water contact increases their durability. Use the screws to attach the outlet to the wall near your power supply. Apart from that, keep the rubber cover closed when not in use to protect the outlets.

3. Connecting to WiFi

Turn on the device after installation. Install the BN-LINK Smart app on your phone. Sign in or create an account in the application and click Add Device. Select the outdoor WiFi outlet from the devices. Follow the in-app instructions to connect the outlet to your WiFi network. A successful connection requires entering the WiFi password and choosing the 2.4GHz frequency.

4. Configuring the Outlet

After connecting, name your outdoor WiFi outlet for app identification. It might be named "Garden Lights" or "Outdoor Fountain," depending on its purpose. Set schedules or timers in the app to control connected devices automatically. This feature makes landscape lighting, irrigation systems, and seasonal decorations accessible and energy-efficient.

5. Advanced Setup and Integration

Our outdoor WiFi outlets work with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant for better control. This integration offers outside device voice control. Consider app-based automation to connect your outlet to other smart gadgets in your home. You can automate your exterior lights to come on at night when your smart doorbell senses motion for increased security and convenience.

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Intelligent integration and remote control of lights, appliances, and gadgets with outdoor WiFi outlets from BN-LINK make contemporary outdoor living easier. Therefore, scheduling, energy monitoring, and voice command compatibility render these outlets more accessible and energy efficient. BN-LINK's weatherproof devices operate well in varied outside environments. They suit homeowners wishing to improve their outdoor areas with smart technology.