Plants from seeds with Seedling Heat Mat

If you are interested in growing plants through seeds.

Growing plants from seeds offers many benefits, such as having a large and varied selection of plants, 100% organic gardening, which is significantly cheaper than buying pre-grown plants, and you can enjoy the process of gardening. Otherwise, I can bet that everyone can do the task of growing plants from seeds if you are intend to exercise your patience.

Before planting, you need to know your seeds.

There is a few important things: the ideal growing conditions for a particular plant, the time it takes for the seeds to germinate, and the earliest time you can plant them outdoors. Different plants will vary and will determine what time of year you should start planting. Typically, seeds should be planted 4-6 weeks before being moved outside, but this varies from seed to seed. You may want to plant seeds indoors a little earlier or later than usual, depending on outdoor weather conditions in your area.



Seeds should be kept warm.

You can create greenhouse-like conditions for your seeds by adding a layer of glass to your seeds to easily provide heat to aid germination. Use a small glass container, or place a pane of glass on top of the seed tray. This will trap heat and moisture and help your seeds grow. Also, in addition to using a heat pad under your seedlings, use a heat lamp as usual to keep the soil in the 21-27°C range, which is ideal. 
For places where the temperature difference between day and night is too large and the temperature is unstable, a Seedling Heat Mat is a low-temperature heating pad specially designed for seedlings, which is very convenient, whether it is to promote seed germination, or to promote rooting of cuttings, or to protect seedlings from freezing in the middle of the night Death is useful.