Landscape Lighting Control 101: Landscape Lighting Timers Manual Guide

Landscape Lighting Control 101: Landscape Lighting Timers Manual Guide

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Imagine walking through your beautifully landscaped garden as the sun sets, the soft glow of landscape lights casting enchanting shadows on your favorite flowers and trees. These lights not only enhance the beauty of your outdoor space but also add a layer of security and functionality.

However, manually switching them on and off can be annoying. This is where landscape lighting timers come in. With a timer, you can effortlessly schedule your lights to turn on at dusk and off at dawn, ensuring your outdoor space remains both stunning and energy-efficient. Let's explore how these timers can transform your landscape lighting experience.


Types of Landscape Lighting

Landscape lighting is a broad term for different types of lights that illuminate your outdoor space and make it visible. These are

Pathway Lights

Pathway lights are placed on walkways and driveways and exude a soft and inviting light, which makes it easier to walk on gravel and prevent trips. By placing pathway lights along your walkway, you can easily guide your guests while highlighting your garden’s features.


Spotlights are ideal for highlighting architectural elements, including stairs, decks, trees, and sculptures. These lights produce a focused beam which offers dramatic effects and adds depth to your landscape. Spotlights are adjustable and can be customised to produce specific light which is pretty vibrant.

Ambient Lighting

Ambient lighting’s purpose is purely decorative and enhances your deck or patio without drawing attention to specific objects. These lights create an inviting and relaxed ambiance, making it ideal for hosting get-togethers. Ambient lighting comprises string lights and fairy lights, which create a festive ambiance.

Understanding Landscape Lighting Timers

Landscape lighting timers are devices used to control lighting around your home. With a timer, you can determine when to turn the lights on or off. This gives you maximum control over your lights, helping you cut down on energy bills and increase security and your property’s curb appeal.

Types of Lighting Timers:

Landscape lighting timers come in different types and forms.

Mechanical Timers

Mechanical landscape lighting timers are simple and easy to use. These timers feature a dial that you can set and are operated by a 24-hour analog clock mechanism. Their mechanism is pretty straightforward, as all you have to do is push in or pull out the pins on the dial to determine when you want your garden lights to switch on or off. 

Digital Timers

Digital landscape lighting timers feature a digital display and buttons for programming. You can set a specific time for switching the lights on or off. These timers offer more flexibility with programmable settings as you can program multiple times for different days.

Smart Timers

Smart landscape lighting timers go a step ahead by featuring a Wi-Fi connection. These timers can be controlled via a smartphone app and offer remote access, meaning you can adjust timings or setting anytime and anywhere as long as you have a stable internet connection.


Benefits of Using Lighting Timers

Landscape lighting timers ensure energy and time efficiency by allowing homeowners to have complete control over lights. Here are a few benefits of landscape lighting timers.

Energy Savings

Landscape lighting timers cut down on energy bills by precisely following your programmed settings. Without a timer, you manually need to switch off the lights and may forget to do so, increasing energy bills.


Landscape lighting timers are convenient as you don’t need to worry about manually flicking the lights on or off. With programmable settings and automation, your lights will switch on or off at the pre-set time.

Extended Lifespan

By automating lights, landscape lighting timers increase the lifespan of your bulbs and fixtures by shutting down at the set time.

Best Landscape Lighting Timers for Your Home

If you are looking for the ideal outdoor timer switch for lights, consider the BN-LINK outdoor timer switch for lights.

This timer is pretty easy to use and can be used to manage humidifiers, pumps, and fans. You can set intervals such as turning on between 5 seconds or 30 minutes. The landscape lighting timer also comes with a Day/Night sensor and can work in 3 modes: 24-hour Control, Day Control, and Night Control, which offers the utmost convenient control.

BN-LINK Timer Instruction: U97A

Step 1: Set ON/OFF Duration

ON: duration for which equipment will run

OFF: Duration in between ON time


Rotate the ON Time Dial to the 15-minute mark and the OFF Time Dial to the 20-minute mark. Then, you will make the device run for 15 minutes and stop for 20 minutes.

More clearly, if it is set that way, then the device will, for example, begin at 1:00, run for 15 minutes, stop at 1:15, rest for 20 minutes till 1:35, and start the second round.

Step 2: Plug into the landscape light switch (125VAC outlet)

Step 3: Mode Setting



Landscape lighting is a must-have feature of every homeowner as it enhances the aesthetic appeal of a house and also ensures the security and safety of the residents. With landscape lighting timers, you have complete control over when to turn the lights on or off. Consider the BN-LINK landscape lighting timer to reduce electricity consumption and set automated timings for lights. It is also easy to use and is certified safe.

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