Gardening advice | Enjoy New Life Blooming

Gardening advice | Enjoy New Life Blooming

All my current fantasies are about greenhouses. I am tortured by emails from fancy manufacturers seducing me with modern glass cubes and cute-as-a-button wooden structures. Imagine standing in a greenhouse, I think, as I play Tetris with seedling trays on countertops at home. What starts off on windowsills quickly sprawls on to any flat surface.

So, for a fraction of the price of a greenhouse, I’ve been trying out digital warming pads as a new solution. You sit the seed trays on flat mats that heat the soil to 5-10 degrees warmer than the ambient temperature.

These warming pads are efficient. I’ve maintained a soil temperature of 22C with no problem, which is perfect for tomatoes, parsley, onions, cabbages, basil, beets, swiss chard… The list goes on; it truly is the sweet spot for speedy germination.

Once germination has occurred, prick on as quickly as you can. Seeds like heat; seedling roots not so much – they want cooler conditions, so make sure you get them off the heat as quickly as you can.

Now enjoy the spring, enjoy the new life!