Do I Need A Water Leak Detector

Do I Need A Water Leak Detector

WATER PLAYS AN essential role in our homes, but it can also wreak havoc. Burst pipes, leaky toilets, and misbehaving appliances can really dampen your day. 

The longer a leak goes undetected, the more damage it does, destroying furniture and decoration, spawning mold and fungi, and even threatening structural integrity.

So what can you do?

A water leak detector can reduce the risk by alerting you to problems quickly, so you can act to prevent severe damage. 

A system that can detect water leaks around the clock and alarm or act at the first time after the occurrence can easily solve the above problems. Some large systems that use in-line sensors can monitor water leaks and have the ability to shut off the water automatically, but they are complicated and typically require professional installation. If you’re looking for an more affordable and easier-to install solution, you might find that a smart water leak detector is just what you need, which is applied more and more in the smart home security syste

Our Smart Wifi Water Detector equipped with the simple setup to the swift and reliable alerts. Once Smart Water-leak Sensor touch the water, it will set off a loud 75 dB alarm sounds and also send alarm notification to your smartphone via BN-LINK Smart app, whether you’re at home or away.


Wire-free and mini design, making it easy to use and place. BN-LINK Smart Water Detector can fit in the palm of your hand and at just less than 1.2 inches tall, it can fit under appliances and in small spaces where leaks might occur.

Otherwise, our Smart Water Detector have long battery life. Comes with 1 x CR17335/CR123A battery and it can power the Smart Water Detector at least a year. You will receive the app notification if batteries are running low. And you can replace the battery when it needed.