April is National Decorating Month

April is National Decorating Month and an ideal time to brighten up your home. Celebrate this month by freshening up the décor in your Signature home and springing into the season with a mini makeover.

We’ve listed 10 easy ways to revive your living space each day in April:

1. Make your front porch inviting with potted plants, a new mat and new decoration around the front door.

2. Pick one drawer or cupboard and give it a big clean-out.

3. Give an old piece of furniture new life with a new paint job.

4. Change out throw pillows and give your living area a completely new feel.

5. Change with the season and add pops of color using accessories in every room.

6. Sprinkle a new color in a room, such as a pillow, a throw blanket, artwork, a tray, vases, etc.

7. Add in a new shower curtain and bathroom rug for a fresh new look.

8. Washing your windows will allow bright, clean sunshine inside.

9. Use plants to add color, texture, and life to every room.

10. Use Bn-link Smart Home Solution to add new color.