Simplify Your Outdoor Lighting with BN-LINK Remote Photoelectric Countdown Timer

Simplify Your Outdoor Lighting with BN-LINK Remote Photoelectric Countdown Timer

Welcome to BN-LINK, where we pride ourselves on bringing innovation and convenience to your outdoor lighting needs. Our Outdoor Remote Photoelectric Countdown Timer with Photocell Light Sensor is designed to transform the way you illuminate your outdoor spaces. This versatile outdoor timer is perfect for yard lighting, patio lighting, holiday decorations, and more. Let us introduce you to a world of effortless control and automation with our cutting-edge timer technology.


Smart Automation with Photocell Technology

At BN-LINK, we understand the importance of smart and efficient lighting solutions for your outdoor spaces. Our outdoor timer's intelligent photocell sensor is designed to detect dusk and darkness, automatically turning your lights on/off as needed. Say goodbye to manual adjustments and hello to seamless illumination that adapts to the natural light conditions. Whether you're enhancing your yard decor or setting the mood on your patio, our timer's photocell technology ensures hassle-free operation every time.

Easy-to-Use & Convenient Scheduling Options

Our Outdoor Remote Photoelectric Countdown Timer offers a range of scheduling options to suit your specific needs. Choose from preset schedules such as dusk-dawn, 2 hours, 4 hours, 6 hours, or 8 hours after dusk, providing you with customizable lighting control throughout the evening. Simply plug in your lights, adjust the dial, or use the included remote to set and manage the timer effortlessly. Let our timer take the guesswork out of lighting schedules and enjoy the convenience of automated control at your fingertips.

Enhanced Functionality and Accessibility

Featuring a 6-inch cord and 3 grounded outlets, our photoelectric outdoor timer is designed for practicality and versatility. The remote signals of this timer can penetrate walls up to 100 feet thick, ensuring reliable control from a distance. What's more, the 3 outlets operate simultaneously, allowing you to power multiple light sources simultaneously without the need for separate timers. Experience the ease and flexibility of synchronized lighting control with BN-LINK's innovative outdoor timer.


In conclusion, BN-LINK's Outdoor Remote Photoelectric Countdown Timer is the ultimate solution for simplifying your outdoor lighting setup. With smart photocell technology, easy-to-use scheduling options, and enhanced functionality, our timer offers unmatched convenience and efficiency for illuminating your outdoor spaces. Say goodbye to manual adjustments and hello to automated control with the power of our outdoor timer. Upgrade your outdoor lighting experience today and discover the difference that BN-LINK can make.