Improving Home Automation with the Support of Automation: The BN-LINK Smart Outlet Timer

A new product from BN-LINK, an established innovator in timer controllers, is the Smart WiFi Outlet Hubless Timer 4-Pack. A new and improved method of controlling your electronic equipment is available with this cutting-edge solution. Elevate your home automation with the BN-LINK smart outlet timer, which is compatible with voice control with Alexa and Google Home.


Convenient Control through Smartphone and Voice Commands

With the BN-LINK smart outlet timer, you can easily control your electronics remotely using the BN-LINK Smart app. Whether you're at home or away, you have the power to turn your devices on or off with a simple touch on your smartphone. Additionally, the timer is compatible with popular voice assistants like Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, allowing you to control your devices using voice commands. This convenient feature eliminates the need for additional hubs or devices, providing a hassle-free experience.


Effortless Scheduling for Efficient Device Management

The BN-LINK smart outlet timer offers effortless scheduling to optimize your device management. You can schedule the Smart Plug to automatically control the power of your electronics based on your daily routines. Set specific times for lights to come on or turn off, ensuring a well-lit and energy-efficient home. The countdown timer feature is also available, allowing you to set timers for automatic appliance shut-off, promoting energy conservation and peace of mind.


Enhancing Home Automation with Versatile Integration

The BN-LINK smart outlet timer seamlessly integrates with popular voice assistants like Alexa and Google Home, expanding your home automation possibilities. By connecting the smart outlet timer with other smart home devices, you can create customized automation routines to enhance convenience and streamline your daily routines. Imagine having your lights turn on, coffee maker start brewing, and thermostat adjust automatically as you walk through the door. The possibilities for creating a truly smart and interconnected home are endless.



In brief, the BN-LINK smart outlet timer offers a powerful and convenient solution for home automation. With features such as control through smartphone and voice commands, effortless scheduling for efficient device management, and versatile integration with smart home ecosystems, the smart outlet timer empowers you to simplify and enhance your daily routines. Benefit from BN-LINK's dependable and feature-rich timer solution and the potential of automation for yourself.