Enhance Your Outdoor Setup with Bn-Link's Outdoor Mechanical 24 Hour Programmable Dual Outlet Timer

Enhance Your Outdoor Setup with Bn-Link's Outdoor Mechanical 24 Hour Programmable Dual Outlet Timer

Step into the realm of outdoor automation with Bn-Link's innovative Outdoor Mechanical 24 Hour Programmable Dual Outlet Timer. As experts in smart solutions for outdoor spaces, we are thrilled to introduce our dual outlet timer tailored to meet your outdoor lighting and device control needs. Explore the convenience and durability of our timer for outlets, designed to elevate your outdoor living experience with ease and efficiency.


Waterproof and Durable Design for Outdoor Reliability

Our Outdoor Mechanical 24 Hour Programmable Dual Outlet Timer is crafted with a waterproof cover, providing protection against varying weather conditions. Built with heavy-duty materials and featuring two grounded outlets, this timer ensures both safety and durability for outdoor use. Enjoy peace of mind knowing that your outdoor timer is safeguarded from the elements and designed to withstand the rigors of outdoor environments.

Versatile Use with Two 3-Prong Grounded Outlets

The Outdoor Mechanical Dual Outlet Timer by Bn-Link features two 3-prong grounded outlets, perfect for a range of outdoor devices. Whether you're using Christmas lights, fountain timers, pool pumps, patio and yard lights, or holiday decorations, our versatile timer supports various outdoor applications. Simplify your outdoor setup and enhance the functionality of your outdoor space with the convenience of dual grounded outlets at your disposal.

Easy Mechanical Timer Setting for Effortless Control

Setting up your outdoor devices has never been easier with Bn-Link's Outdoor Mechanical Timer. Simply turn the timer dial to the current time, push the pins down to set the time for turning on, and pull other pins up to schedule turning off. Switch to the TIMER position to activate the programmed schedule and enjoy the convenience of automated outdoor device control. With user-friendly mechanical settings, managing your outdoor devices becomes a breeze.


The Bn-Link Outdoor Mechanical 24 Hour Programmable Dual Outlet Timer stands out as a reliable and versatile solution for enhancing outdoor automation. Designed to be waterproof and durable, with two 3-prong grounded outlets, this timer offers flexibility and convenience for a wide range of outdoor devices. The easy-to-use mechanical timer setting simplifies the scheduling process for turning devices on and off, ensuring seamless operation. With ETL listing and compliance with UL Std. 917 safety standards, our outdoor dual outlet timer prioritizes safety and quality. Elevate your outdoor living experience and streamline your outdoor device control with the Bn-Link Outdoor Mechanical Dual Outlet Timer, setting the standard for efficient and reliable outdoor automation solutions.