Enhance Your Outdoor Setup with Bn-Link's 24-Hour Mechanical Outdoor Multi Socket Timer

Enhance Your Outdoor Setup with Bn-Link's 24-Hour Mechanical Outdoor Multi Socket Timer

Join us at Bn-Link as we introduce our cutting-edge 24-Hour Mechanical Outdoor Multi Socket Timer, designed to elevate your outdoor lighting and devices with simplicity and efficiency. Our smart timer offers a hassle-free solution for automating your outdoor space, providing convenience and control over your garden power needs. Explore the possibilities of our outdoor stake timer to transform your outdoor environment into a well-managed and safe space.


User-Friendly Operation for Outdoor Lighting Control

The Bn-Link 24-Hour Mechanical Outdoor Multi Socket Timer is crafted for ease of use. Simply adjust the pins – UP for OFF and DOWN for ON – to set your desired schedule for outdoor lights or other devices. When you receive your outdoor light timer, the pins come pressed DOWN, allowing for quick setup to cater to your outdoor lighting preferences. Experience straightforward operation to efficiently manage your outdoor lighting.

Automate with 6 Grounded Outlets for Versatile Outdoor Use

With 6 grounded outlets, the Bn-Link outdoor stake timer offers ample capacity to automate various outdoor devices. Whether you wish to control outdoor lights, fountain pool pumps, Christmas trees, sprinklers, or other electrical equipment, our multi-socket timer provides unmatched versatility. Simplify your outdoor routines by programming the timer to turn on and off multiple devices simultaneously, enhancing convenience and efficiency in your outdoor space.


Safety and Weather Protection for Peace of Mind Outdoors

Safety is paramount with the Bn-Link outdoor stake timer. Built with safety features, the timer is equipped to detect electrical imbalances, automatically shutting off to prevent electrical shocks and ensure user safety. Designed for outdoor use, the weatherproof cover protects the timer from rain and harsh weather conditions, additionally individual safety covers safeguard outlets from water, dust, and damage. Additionally, the 72-inch green cord blends seamlessly into your garden setting, ensuring a cohesive outdoor aesthetic.


As you explore the realm of outdoor automation, the Bn-Link 24-Hour Mechanical Outdoor Multi Socket Timer emerges as a versatile and reliable solution for managing your outdoor lighting and electrical devices. With user-friendly operation, 6 grounded outlets for seamless automation, advanced safety mechanisms, and weather-resistant design, our smart timer offers a comprehensive solution for your outdoor needs. Embrace the convenience and peace of mind that the Bn-Link smart timer brings to your outdoor space, revolutionizing the way you control and schedule your outdoor devices. Elevate your outdoor environment with the Bn-Link outdoor stake timer, setting a new standard for efficient and safe outdoor automation.