Easy and Flexible Control with the BN-LINK Outdoor Light Timer

Easy and Flexible Control with the BN-LINK Outdoor Light Timer

In its capacity as an innovator in the development of cutting-edge home solutions, BN-LINK is pleased to present the BN-LINK outdoor light timer. A variety of features that improve the quality of your outdoor lighting experience are included in this outdoor timer for lights, which was developed to give you with a control system that is both convenient and versatile for your outdoor lights. When it comes to managing your outdoor lights, the BN-LINK outdoor light timer is the ideal choice because of its ability to perform daily repeats, its design that is waterproof, and its operation that is simple and straightforward. Let's get into more into about the features, shall we?


Daily Repeat Outdoor Timers: Flexible and Customizable

With the BN-LINK outdoor light timer, you have the flexibility to customize your lighting schedule. The timer offers 30-minute intervals, allowing you to set up to 48 different options for your outdoor lights. Whether you want your lights to turn on and off at specific times or prefer to keep them always on, the timer's auto mode and always-on modes provide convenience and flexibility. Toggling between these modes is as simple as using the easy sliding switch.


Waterproof Design for Reliable Outdoor Use

The BN-LINK outdoor light timer is built to withstand the elements and provide reliable performance in outdoor environments. Its robust and waterproof construction ensures durability, even in harsh weather conditions. From dust and sun to rain and snow, this timer is designed to resist the elements, allowing you to confidently use it for your outdoor lighting needs. For added protection, make sure to mount the timer vertically at least 2ft above the ground to ensure proper waterproofing.


User-Friendly Operation for Effortless Control

Managing your outdoor lights should be a hassle-free experience, and that's exactly what the BN-LINK outdoor light timer offers. The timer features a simple pinning system that allows you to easily set the start and end time for your lights. Just pull the pins up for the OFF time and push them down for the ON time. This intuitive operation allows you to seamlessly manage your devices according to your desired schedule. With the BN-LINK outdoor light timer, you can save time and energy while enjoying effortless control over your outdoor lights.



The BN-LINK outdoor light timer offers a control that is both convenient and versatile, making it ideal for regulating your outside lights. Through the use of its daily repeat capabilities, you will have the ability to easily adjust your lighting schedule. Even when exposed to harsh weather conditions, the waterproof design guarantees a long-lasting and dependable performance. Also, the management of your outdoor lighting has never been easier than it is now thanks to the user-friendly operation. You can rely on BN-LINK to supply you with a solution of superior quality for all of your outdoor lighting requirements.