Convenient and Safe Outdoor Automation with BN-LINK Timer

Convenient and Safe Outdoor Automation with BN-LINK Timer

When you need a reliable timer or automation solution, come to BN-LINK. The 24 Hour Mechanical Outdoor Multi Socket Timer 6 Outlet Garden Power Stake is an attractive and practical addition to any home's automation system, and we'll take a closer look at its features and advantages in this article.


Simple and User-Friendly Operation

Setting up and using the BN-LINK timer is effortless. The timer features pins that can be positioned UP or DOWN. When the pins are UP, the timer is OFF, and when they are DOWN, the timer is ON. Upon receiving your timer, you will find that the pins are initially pressed DOWN. Simply pull the pins UP to begin setting your outdoor light timer. With this user-friendly design, controlling your outdoor lights or devices becomes a breeze.


Versatile Automation with Multiple Outlets

With the BN-LINK timer, you can automate up to 6 electrical devices simultaneously. Imagine the convenience of controlling your outdoor lights, fountain pool pumps, Christmas trees, and sprinklers with just one timer. Whether you want to create a captivating ambiance or ensure the efficient operation of your outdoor devices, the BN-LINK timer provides centralized control and automation for all your needs.


Safety Features for Peace of Mind

Safety is our top priority at BN-LINK, and our timer is equipped with built-in features to ensure your peace of mind. The timer is designed to shut itself off if it detects an imbalance of electrical current. This safety mechanism helps prevent electrical shocks and protects both you and your devices. Additionally, the individual safety covers for outlets and the weatherproof cover provide extra protection against water, dust, and damage, making the BN-LINK timer suitable for outdoor use.


Durability and Outdoor Use

Rest assured that the BN-LINK timer is built to withstand outdoor conditions. Rainy days are no problem for this timer, thanks to its weatherproof cover that shields it from the elements. Additionally, the timer comes with a 72-inch green cord that blends seamlessly with your garden surroundings. These durable design features ensure that your timer not only functions reliably but also complements your outdoor aesthetic.



In the end, for a risk-free and hassle-free way to automate your outside space, choose the BN-LINK 24-Hour Mechanical outside Multi-Socket Timer 6-Outlet Garden Power Stake. The BN-LINK timer improves the efficiency and comfort of your outside areas with its simple operation, adaptability in controlling various devices, integrated safety measures, and long-lasting outdoor design. Transform your outdoor space with BN-LINK and enjoy the advantages of automation.