BN-LINK Smart WiFi Dimmer Switch: Effortless Control for Energy-Efficient Lighting

BN-LINK Smart WiFi Dimmer Switch: Effortless Control for Energy-Efficient Lighting

Welcome to BN-LINK, where innovation meets sustainability. We are delighted to introduce our state-of-the-art Smart WiFi Dimmer Switch, designed to revolutionize the way you control your dimmable LED lights. With its advanced features and user-friendly interface, this wireless switch not only provides convenience and comfort but also helps you save energy and reduce electricity consumption.

Effective Energy Saving for a Greener Future

At BN-LINK, we believe in the power of effective energy management. Our Smart WiFi Dimmer Switch empowers you to adjust the brightness of your lights precisely, ensuring you only use the amount of light you need. With preset light levels and remote settings accessible anytime, anywhere through the BN-LINK app, you can easily turn off unnecessary lights and reduce energy waste. Embrace smart lighting features that not only enhance your lifestyle but also contribute to a sustainable future. 

Installation and Use Made Simple

Setting up our dimmer switch is a breeze. While installation requires a neutral wire, it does not require a hub, simplifying the process further. It's important to note that the switch is compatible with single-pole setups only and supports 2.4G Wi-Fi networks (not 5G). Our smart switch is suitable for dimmable LED bulbs (above 150 watts), CFL bulbs (150 watts), and incandescent bulbs (above 400 watts). Enjoy the convenience of effortless control over your lighting while ensuring compatibility with your existing setup.

Safety and Assurance for Peace of Mind

At BN-LINK, your safety is our top priority. Our Smart WiFi Dimmer Switch is ETL and FCC certified, assuring you of its quality and adherence to safety standards. We are dedicated to providing you with a convenient and comfortable smart home lifestyle. If you encounter any issues during use, our dedicated support team is just a message away. Contact us, and we will be committed to resolving any problems you may face, ensuring your satisfaction and peace of mind.


Upgrade your lighting control with the BN-LINK Smart WiFi Dimmer Switch and experience the perfect blend of convenience, comfort, and energy efficiency. Enjoy the freedom to adjust your lights precisely and turn off unnecessary lighting through remote settings. By embracing smart lighting features, you not only gain control over your lighting but also contribute to a greener future by reducing electricity consumption.

Unlock the potential of a digital timer switch and wireless switch with BN-LINK's Smart WiFi Dimmer Switch. Embrace a sustainable lifestyle while enjoying the convenience and comfort of effortless lighting control. Upgrade to BN-LINK today and take a step towards a brighter and greener future.