BN-LINK Pool Pump Timer Outdoor: Versatile Control for Outdoor Devices

BN-LINK Pool Pump Timer Outdoor: Versatile Control for Outdoor Devices

Welcome to BN-LINK, your reliable source for versatile electrical control solutions. Our Pool Pump Timer Outdoor Digital Timer Box is designed to provide convenient control for your outdoor devices. With its heavy-duty construction and 7-day programmable functionality, our timer offers superior quality and flexibility for various applications. In this article, we will introduce the key features and benefits of the BN-LINK Pool Pump Timer Outdoor, including its programmable scheduling, anti-theft function, and exceptional durability for outdoor use.


Convenient 7-Day Programmable Functionality

The BN-LINK Pool Pump Timer Outdoor offers a convenient and flexible 7-day programmable feature. With the ability to set 8 on/off schedules per week, you can customize the operation of your devices according to your specific needs. Additionally, the timer allows you to adjust for daylight saving time by setting the 'HOUR' and 'MIN' accordingly. Moreover, the 'WEEK' and 'HOUR' combination activates a random function, deterring potential thieves by creating the appearance of an occupied property. Enjoy the convenience and security of a programmable timer with BN-LINK. 

Superior Quality and Durability for Outdoor Use

At BN-LINK, we prioritize superior quality and durability in our products. Our Pool Pump Timer Outdoor is ETL Listed and conforms to UL 60730-1, ensuring strict adherence to safety standards. It is also certified to CSA E60730-1, further emphasizing its reliability. With a PC/ABS plastic shell, our timer possesses exceptional anti-oxidation and waterproof abilities. It can withstand temperatures ranging from -40℉ to 130℉, making it resistant to rust even after exposure to wind and rain. Say goodbye to the hassle of manually closing or storing devices in bad weather with BN-LINK's durable timer.

Versatile Control for Exterior Timer Lights and Outdoor Devices

In addition to managing pool pumps and other outdoor devices, the BN-LINK Pool Pump Timer Outdoor can also serve as an outdoor light switch for controlling exterior timer lights. The programmable functionality allows you to set schedules for your outdoor lighting, providing convenience, security, and energy efficiency. Whether you want your lights to turn on at dusk, create a welcoming ambiance, or enhance safety during dark hours, our timer offers versatile control. Enjoy the ease of managing your exterior timer lights with BN-LINK. 


In conclusion, the BN-LINK Pool Pump Timer Outdoor is a versatile solution for controlling outdoor devices. With its 7-day programmable functionality, you can customize schedules and adjust for daylight saving time. The timer's anti-theft feature adds an extra layer of security by creating a random function to deter potential intruders. Additionally, our timer boasts superior quality and durability, with its ETL Listing, UL 60730-1 conformity, and CSA E60730-1 certification. Trust BN-LINK to provide reliable control for your exterior timer lights and outdoor devices. Simplify your outdoor device management with the BN-LINK Pool Pump Timer Outdoor and experience the convenience it brings.