BN-LINK Outdoor Smart WiFi Plug: Power and Control at Your Fingertips

BN-LINK Outdoor Smart WiFi Plug: Power and Control at Your Fingertips

We are pleased you have chosen BN-LINK to assist you in streamlining your outdoor living space. Introducing our Outdoor Smart WiFi Plug, the perfect companion for your outdoor electrical needs. With a waterproof design, six grounded outlets, and advanced scheduling capabilities, these smart electrical outlets are designed to enhance your outdoor spaces. Experience the convenience of controlling your outdoor devices remotely and setting up schedules with ease. Embrace the power of smart control with BN-LINK Outdoor Smart WiFi Plug.


Schedule and Timer Setting for Easy Automation

With the BN-LINK Outdoor Smart WiFi Plug, scheduling and timer settings have never been easier. This versatile tool allows you to plug in multiple devices that require the assistance of a timer. Simply download the app on your phone and gain control over your outdoor lights or other devices. Set up schedules for your Christmas lights to turn on and off automatically, ensuring a beautifully lit holiday season. Additionally, you can integrate the plug with Amazon Alexa and control it through voice commands. Just say, "Alexa, turn on the Christmas Tree," and watch as your lights illuminate. BN-LINK Outdoor Smart WiFi Plug simplifies your life by automating your outdoor electrical needs. 

 6 Grounded Outlets and Overload Protection for Safety and Convenience

The BN-LINK Outdoor Smart WiFi Plug features six grounded outlets, allowing you to connect multiple devices simultaneously. Whether it's string lights, lawn equipment, or other outdoor appliances, this smart power stake timer has got you covered. The six-foot green extension cord provides flexibility and reach, making it easy to power your devices at a distance. Additionally, this outdoor plug is IP44 waterproof, ensuring durability and protection against the elements. Safety is paramount, which is why our smart outdoor outlet timer comes with built-in overload protection. In the event of any electrical current imbalance, the plug automatically turns off to prevent potential electric shocks. Enjoy the convenience of powering and protecting your outdoor appliances with BN-LINK. 

Seamless Integration with Voice Assistants and Smart Home Systems

BN-LINK Outdoor Smart WiFi Plug is designed to seamlessly integrate with popular voice assistants and smart home systems. Connect it to your Google Home smart plug and enjoy the convenience of voice control. Simply command Google Home to turn on or off your outdoor devices, creating a hands-free experience. Take full advantage of the power of smart home automation and enjoy a truly connected outdoor living space. BN-LINK Outdoor Smart WiFi Plug brings simplicity, control, and convenience to your fingertips. 


Upgrade your outdoor living experience with BN-LINK Outdoor Smart WiFi Plug. Take advantage of its advanced scheduling and timer settings, allowing you to automate your outdoor lighting and devices. With six grounded outlets and built-in overload protection, this smart electrical outlet offers both convenience and safety. Seamlessly integrate it with Google Home smart plug and enjoy the ease of voice control. Embrace the power of smart control and elevate your outdoor spaces with BN-LINK Outdoor Smart WiFi Plug. Experience the convenience, safety, and connectivity that our product brings, making your outdoor living a breeze. Invest in a smart electrical outlet that enhances your outdoor lifestyle and simplifies your routines. Discover the possibilities with BN-LINK Outdoor Smart WiFi Plug and create an outdoor space that truly reflects your style and needs.